Hello, I'm Laura.

I was studying psychology at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, when I came across this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche:

We have art in order not to die of the truth.

This phrase, somehow and for reasons that are irrelevant here, threw me into the art world full of determination. I enrolled in the LLOTJA High School of Art and Design (Barcelona), and ended up majoring in art fire enamel on metal.

So, I'm passionate about art, philosophy, and psychology.

I like the feeling I get from creating something; the world stops, it freezes.

I like being with my imagination in her own Wonderland, although occasionally I lose sleep or forget to eat.

I love when I manage complete immersion in my creations, such that my notion of identity disappears. And suddenly, I find myself creating work without ego, practically unconsciously, totally immersed, flowing like watercolors, dancing with water or walking in a park in autumn, side by side with my cat Margot.

My work is a constant exploration of inner reality and the collective unconscious in an attempt to make it visible, looking for a certain integrity, with vertigo and tranquility inherent in the depths of the human soul.


I produce client work, commissioned artwork, and fine art. Please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for stopping by.


(2017) Permanent Painting Exhibition. El Port de la Cala Restaurant By Marc Esteve. Lloret de Mar, Girona.
(2016) Painting Exhibition. Utopía. Accademia di Belle Arti di Terni e Logix Software House insieme per l'arte. Enredadas 2016: Settimana per l'Educazione Artistica UNESCO 2016. Terni, Italia.
(2014) Painting Exhibition. Restaurant Sant Marti. Sant Martí Vell, Girona, Spain.
(2014) Painting Exhibition. Centre Cívic la Fàbrica. Celrà, Girona, Spain.
(2012) Solo Exhibition. Retrospective 2009-2011. CAVE. Guimarães, Portugal.
(2011) Painting Exhibition. Olga Santos Gallery. Porto, Portugal.
(2010) Painting Exhibition. Luis Coelho & Labela. Iurantia. Barcelona, Spain.
(2009) Painting Exhibition. Julie Kuyath & Labela. Bootleg Café. Barcelona, Spain.
(2006) International Exhibition of Fire enamel on metal "New Wave". Tibilisi, Russia.
(2006) Fire enamel on metal Exhibition. Limoges, France.
(2005) Fire enamel on metal Exhibition in Honor of Andreu Vilasís. Centre d'Artesania de Catalunya. Barcelona.
(2004) Fire enamel on metal Exhibition. Venice, Italy.
(2003) Fire enamel on metal Exhibition "Le Toison d'Or". Morés, France.
(2003) Participation in the V International Biennial of fire enamel on metal. Enamel Museum. Salou, Spain.
(2002) Fire enamel on metal Exhibition. Limoges, France.


(2014) Sensuous Springtime Photography Contest curated by Courtney King Doudna. (Second Place in the Contest).
(2014) Fine Art Fantastic Award 2014 curated by artdealer BA, Sabine Fürnkranz and high school teacher on the University of Arts in Vienna Jostein Kjölnstadt. (Selected).
(2014) Whimsical Winter Photography Contest curated by Courtney King Doudna. (Honorable Mention from the Jury).
(2013) Autumn Abstract Photography Contest curated by Courtney King Doudna. (Third Place in the Contest).

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